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Experts in Indian Classical Dance

Headed by the 3-time Indian National Champion of Bharatanatyam, Eyakkam Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) that aims to promote social justice and fairness in society and particularly in the practice of dance. To this end, we welcome students of all ages, backgrounds, and identities to join Eyakkam and experience the joy of an ancient Indian classical dance form. We seek to reinvent the art form by remaining true to the art and its fundamentals while erasing the hegemonic caste and religious identities that are expected of a dancer. The Tamil word Eyakkam means movement which could refer to a social movement, a musical movement, a political movement, or just a physical movement. In Eyakkam, dance is beyond just a physical movement! We are based in Louisville, KY.

Eyakkam was formed in 2012 in Dallas, TX and has grown into the company it is today. We have collaborated with other organizations such as the TamilNadu Foundation, and the Federation of the Tamil Sangams of North America (FETNA) to raise over $2Million for charitable causes globally. We have volunteer-taught at migrant centers in Beirut, Lebanon and collaborate with k-12 and universities to provide education in a multicultural context.

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