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I am an aging Yorkshireman, a recovering Catholic, a physician, a father and a grateful husband. My life’s journey has been supremely average yet spectacularly different. I have lived on a tiny South Pacific island, where I wore a skirt to work and never sat in a car. I spent fifteen years in Lebanon and dealt with war, bombs, learned Arabic and something about an alien culture. I came to the US with $200 in my pocket and, because of many
advantages, found material success. My greatest success, however, results from the inevitable ups and downs that made me grow into the peaceful, contented man I am today.

Reviewed as “a remarkable contemporary dance display,” Elizabeth Shea’s choreography has been produced by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and presented at numerous festivals and major cities nationally and internationally. Liz has been a guest artist for many professional companies and universities and creates extensively in new media and film. Awards include Best Choreography for the Lens, Best Dance Film, and Best Ensemble. Liz teaches her self-developed somatic system, SomaLab®, yogic practices, and choreographic methods at workshops in the USA and abroad, most recently at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, and Dance Italia, in Lucca, Italy. A 200-hour E-RYT, Liz is Professor and Director of Contemporary Dance at Indiana University.

Caldwell Velnambi has spent his entire career immersed in the IT industry, particularly enterprise resource planning, for over 30+ years, and is founder of ERP Logic, LLC. He began his career as a management consultant, implementing SAP ERP for several Fortune 500 companies with expertise in the areas of Sales and Distribution, Logistics Execution, Production Planning, Finance and Controlling, Material Management, and cross applications.

He currently serves as president of the federation of Tamil sangams of North Amerca (FETNA).




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