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Dirty Secrets

DIRTY SECRETS is an autobiographical dance short film that traces the sexual abuse and harassment I experienced across my lifespan in both the east and the west; a story that is profoundly personal and yet tragically universal. This is an international collaboration with an all-woman cast and crew from the US, Malaysia, and India. The movie has both Tamil and English versions.

The film is partly funded by the Dance/USA Fellowship I was awarded  in 2022. This journey has been long, arduous, scary, and cathartic. #dirtysecretsshortfilm

Cast and Crew

This awesome all-women team (with support from some great men) is proud to present Dirty Secrets

Director's Statement

I was born in Chennai, India – a vibrant metropolitan city with over 12 million people and now I live in Louisville, Kentucky – a surprisingly mildly liberal city. I am a three-time Indian National Champion of Bharatanatyam. In 2022, I became a recipient of the Dance/USA Fellowship for my work in addressing social justice issues in Bharatanatyam. I use this beautiful, ancient art form that has a troubled history of casteist and sexist themes, to tell stories that are relevant and empowering.

Dirty Secrets is a dance short film that charts the journey of a woman through a lifetime of sexual abuse and harassment. It is autobiographical, yet universal, and is extremely close to my heart. Every time we hear about sexual abuse, we debate using our fingertips from the security of our couches; we like, we subscribe, or we cancel...

My hope is that Dirty Secrets will be a call to action rather than just to comment.

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